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Raw herbs / Herba  (= Hb)


We distinguish:

  • Loose herb
  • Capsules
  • Tablets

Loose Herbs

Raw herbs are delivered in loose form, that is to say 'cut' (in small pieces) or as a powder. Of the cut form one makes a 'tea' with boiling water; the formal name is infuse (hot infusion) or decoct (extract in lightly boiling water). The classical use is a tea of which one drinks a little throughout the day. Herbal tea is relatively inexpensive, but not subtle in the dosage and the taste is very personal. On request, the NatuurApotheek provides special bags for making tea easy and clean. 
Specify well in prescribing that it concerns the raw herb!


The powder form of the raw herb is ideally suited for processing into capsules. One of the advantages is the standardized amount. The NatuurApotheek makes standard capsules of 250 and 500 milligrams. Capsules dissolve in the stomach and the herbs are soon released for absorption.


Inert vegetable substances are added to the grinded whole herb in order to create tablets. A tablet of approximately 350 mg contains 230 milligrams of herb. That is a high density so the tablets are extremely effective. Moreover, they disintegrate within 25 minutes, which ensures fast absorption.